Weekly Word

Weekly Word

Tell the Good News, ‘The Kingdom of Heaven has come near.’ These are the words offered by Jesus in Matthew’s Gospel, as the story of the choosing of the twelve disciples is shared. Jesus gives instructions, and gives to these disciples the command to cure people of disease and sickness, to provide care and compassion to those they encounter.

This Sunday we remember and recall this story, and the challenge that every faith community has of revealing to the world, that the kingdom of heaven is among us in the person and presence of Jesus. Sometimes it is hard to imagine how we as the people of God reflect the presence of Jesus. I believe that in each face that we encounter, Jesus’ presence has the potential to be seen. Jesus is seen in our actions, in our caring, in the ways that we provide compassion and comfort, help and advocacy in the things we do.

I was privileged this week to be a part of conversations with the Episcopal Church in the United States, and see how they reflect the image of Jesus in all that they do – through prayer, through action, through caring for others.

I was privileged this week to be a part of learning and conversations with the Safe Harbour Outreach Project, which enables advocacy and care for those in the Sex Trade in and around St. John’s.

I was privileged this week to be present at the Janeway, as a family said goodbye to the daughter they love. Janeway Staff, family, and close friends offered their love and support and the presence of God during that time. God’s love and the presence of Jesus were seen in every action of care and compassion.

I am privileged this Sunday to remember and recall how fathers and father figures help to reflect love and care in all that they do.  Today I remember and recall how large their hearts are:

Today we thank you for our own fathers,

Who with our mothers teach us your ways;

Loving and guiding, always providing,

Hoping and praying, singing your praise.


Thus may we honour father and mother,

Those you have given us for to love.

May they be treasured, gratefully cared for

While our life’s measured by God above.






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