Weekly Word

Weekly Word

This week for me has been a time of reflection and anticipation, of light and darkness, of struggle and clarity. Here in this place, on this earth, as many of us anticipate the Feast of the Presentation of the infant Jesus in the Temple, I find my life spinning between past and present, memory and reality. This week, you see, I have come back to a former home, the Diocese of Niagara.

There is one thing I do know – when you return to a place, it is never the same; you are never the same. I have driven around, met old friends and new, and observed carefully changes in the landscape and ethos of this place which once was so close to my being. There is no doubt, also, that as people observe my speaking, my being, will see a larger girth, thinner hair, and perhaps the growth and depth of someone who has aged twenty years, in life, in ministry, and in the love of God.

The Feast of the Presentation evokes for me memories of dear friends, of encounters I have had with God’s presence in community. The imagery of light, darkness, of age and of youth, of transformation, and of blessing stirs in me the desire to cradle the Christ, and be cradled by Christ.

Oh to have been Simeon or Anna! Holy woman and man; encountering the divine presence in the route of daily prayer and praise to God. Sometimes in my lower moments, when I feel as if all the world were spinning beyond all hope, and that ministry is fruitless and insignificant, I wish I were present in other spaces and times, where the presence of God was so tangible, so effectual.

Perhaps you have days like these. Yet in these days, I feel a nudge, a blossom, a revelation. In each and every moment we are gifted with the opportunity to light the presence of Christ in our midst. In each encounter we have opportunity to unwrap the babe, and reveal to ourselves and others, the divine that we cradle, and God who cradles us, even as we offer prayers of blessing and love.

This I have seen this month, as I sat at the bedside of a friend and colleague recovering from a devastating car accident. This I have seen this week as I have received care and love from a dear friend who opened her home and her heart to me seventeen years ago, and again this week, no matter her changes of life, or circumstance.  I have cradled God’s presence, and I have been cradled in my fragility.

I light a light this day – aware of your presence within and all around me O God.

I light a light this day – for those lonely, alone, or abandoned; may we as church come alongside and bless.

I light a light this day – for those who cradle and uphold me, those who reveal the path and steps to travel.




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