Weekly Word

Weekly Word    

Today, in the midst of Advent’s journey, I find myself looking both forward and backward. Now is the time in many parts of society and culture, that persons begin reflections on the passing year. Lists of art and culture, books, cinema and music abound, as well as newsworthy and noteworthy events.

Into this, as I step forward to the third Sunday of Advent, I am reminded that the road I am called to is one that requires work, as the prophet challenges, we are to ‘make straight the crooked ways, fill every valley, make low every hill and mountain, make the rough paths smooth.’

I contemplate the path I walk with God, and how I have contributed to its smoothness, and times when the path has been rocky and crooked.

I am reminded of the image of a Sankofa from Ghana, that Presiding Bishop Michael Curry offers at the end of his book, Following the Way of Jesus, the symbol of a bird moving forward with its head pointed backward. Sankofa Bird Symbol

This is a powerful image as I contemplate advent and incarnation. This is a time when many are preparing for ‘holidays’ or Holy Days.  So often in the moving forward, the days are blurred, and are no longer holy. All is lost in the midst of the running back and forth, challenges of being and living into holy time.

My holy time was shattered and reformed today, as I looked
back to a pair of images from 2017. I looked to these images to share with a friend who has a birthday this week. For me, these images remind me of the challenges of living in the here and now, while moving steadily forward into a somewhat unknown future.

The future is somewhat indefinite, and perhaps fear, apprehension, and uncertainty will dominate. However, the workings of creation in the images, the plants and animals, remind me of the link we have with God. Bumblebees and snails, vines and flowers are influenced by their DNA, their environment, perhaps as much as the Sankofa bird of Ghana.

We look back to continue forward. We are shaped by who we are, and whose we are.  

This holy day

This holy season

Let us look forward and go further ahead

Surrounded by you.





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