Weekly Word

Weekly Word

This week’s Scripture has me reminiscing back to August 2017 when Krista and I spent a week at the Iona Community, in Scotland. Amid a restorative and reflective Sabbatical, we traveled to the Holy Isle in search of meaning, rejuvenation, challenge and peace. In the course of our time there, I found that I was being reintroduced to models of Christian community in transformative ways. I made friendships and had encounters with God and others that continue to shape my actions and service in my own surroundings.

In the course of the exploration and reflection, we as the gathered community were responsible for assisting with the life and function of the place. We had chores, responsibilities, and were expected to participate in ways that promoted our interaction and interrelation with each other. I met people from all over the world, from different walks of life, who were finding their way, their path, to reflect the faith of Jesus.

In all this there were differences and nuances in persons I encountered that were shaped by culture, demeanour, experience, knowledge, passions, and commitment. We were not all of the same ilk. I’m sure if we had spent more time together there, we would find more similarities, more differences, had more joys, and shared more sorrows and struggles. To this day, portions of our community that spent the week together, meet periodically in London to continue the fellowship.

I’m sure the disciples, the larger crowd of followers, including Martha, the Marys, James and John, gathered in community many times in the course of their ministry with Jesus. I’m sure, in the encounter where Jesus reminds us of our roles as servants and slaves of others, there was not all uniformity and understanding. At times we bicker, we challenge, we want glory and recognition, we feel ignored.

But it is not to be so among us. We are called to be last if we wish to do the first things in God’s Realm. We come not to be served, but to serve, and give our lives.




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