Weekly Word


Weekly Word

‘For just and unjust, a place at the table

Abuser, abused, with need to forgive;

In anger in hurt, a mindset of mercy

For just and unjust, a new way to live:

And God will delight when we are creators of justice and joy:

Yes, God will delight, when we are creators of justice, justice and joy!


For everyone born, a place at the table,

To live without fear, and simply to be;

To work, to speak out, to witness and worship

For everyone born, the right to be free:

And God will delight, when we are creators of justice and joy,

Yes, God will delight, when we are creators of justice, justice and joy!

(Shirley Erina Murray © 1998 Hope Publishing Company)


I sang these words with a friend at the closing Eucharist of a Symposium that had been discussing human trafficking and modern day slavery this past week. What powerful words, challenging the people of God to change the world so to reflect the purpose and intention that God has for all creation.


During this gathering, my eyes were opened even wider, to the indignity and injustice that is present in human beings because of greed and the abuse of power. Issues of labour exploitation, organ harvesting, child soldiers, sexual exploitation and child labour were all discussed. At one time I believed that issues such as these were so far from home and community. With the reality of the interconnectedness of the world, these issues are present in each and every country.


My prayer is more focussed and more fervent this week, as I recognize that as Easter people, we are called to death and resurrection, to the transformation of the earth and society, to reflect the goodness and grace of God.


I pray as we all encounter community around us; we may always find a place at the table. A place for us, and a place for everyone else.







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