Weekly Word

Weekly Word

‘Your faith has made you well.’

These words are offered by Jesus to a foreigner, a Samaritan leper, who is thankful for the healing that he has received. These words are an acknowledgement of the change that has taken place, and the wholeness that I believe is offered when one opens up to the presence of the Holy One.

For many whom I encounter, faith is a loaded word. It can connote a rule of life, a religion, belief, trust, loyalty, or even an intrinsic intangible force within oneself. For many I encounter, the idea that faith can make one well is inaccurate, foreign, or even magical in nature.

Each day as I encounter life, humanity, and the Holy One, I am faced with differing perspectives in the persons I come across. For some faith is something to be embraced and honoured. For others, faith is a perspective for one with which to be wary and cautious. Still others are distant, wounded, and unwilling to journey with a faith community, because of the inconsistencies and irrelevance that some perceive with faith communities.

I see this, and I struggle also, for there are parts of the faith community and the way it functions that are so wonderful, while there are other parts that leave much to be desired. Many times I experience the presence of the Holy One beyond the confines of church and faith community.

Where and when I encounter the Holy One most profoundly is in the faces and actions of those whom I encounter, both within and outside faith communities. The care and love that is offered, the empathy and healing that I witness gives me much to reflect upon.

These encounters enable much thankfulness in my heart, and in my life.  I am thankful for the many ways in which friends and strangers, family and colleagues have been present to me, listened, helped, healed, and provided love. You may not always know this. Like the nine lepers, I am not always demonstrative of my thanks. This season, this moment, I hold with belief, with trust, with loyalty, and with my life – faith. I give thanks to the Holy One for the blessings of healing and wholeness that I find in moments everyday.

For what are you thankful at this time? Is it related to faith? Is it related to the encounters you have with others that reveals the Holy One?

I pray we all take time this day, this moment, to return to those who have brought life and healing, hope and faith, and say:

Thank you.




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