Weekly Word

Weekly Word

‘Going the Extra Mile of the Way’


Have you ever encountered someone that has reminded you of all the good and loving things that you appreciate in life? Someone perhaps who is a selfless giver, or shows extraordinary hospitality, or one who notices the small things you appreciate that others overlook? Someone who tirelessly offers compassion to persons, no matter what the circumstance. These persons, I feel, are persons who go the extra mile of the way.

If I were to consider a theme for the Scripture for Christians in this, the last Sunday before the beginning of Lent, it would be: find and thank the person who is going the extra mile of the way.


Passages from Leviticus and from Matthew’s Gospel reveal to me that there is always room for improvement, always room for an individual or a community, to exercise radical compassion, deep hospitality, and profound forgiveness.


In Leviticus, farmers and reapers are encouraged to be generous with their gleanings, so that other vulnerable populations can benefit from their bountiful harvest. This is not the norm, but it is the challenge for the community to be mindful of blessings and bounty, and to share it with others. In the passage from John, Jesus encourages those who follow him to exercise restraint, offer generous mercy and forgiveness, and engage in dialogue and understanding with enemies. These pieces are hard to comprehend at times, for when I am blessed, I don’t always make my first priority to share, and when I am facing those that oppose or even persecute me, I don’t always respond with love, mercy, and inclusion.


As I take the steps to prayerfully walk toward Lent and a renewed encounter with the Holy One, I will be reminding myself each step of the way, that there are people in my life that go the extra mile of the way. I honour them. I give thanks for their example and witness. I am blessed by their presence and work in the world.


Thank You!





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