Weekly Word

Weekly Word

During the season of Advent, as Christians prepare for celebrations honouring the gift of Jesus to the world, at the parish of the Ascension, we are continuing our pattern of daily prayers in the morning. A faithful few gather, and reflect upon words and Scripture, and pray for the world, the community around us, our faith community, our families, and ourselves.

This week we have begun our prayers with these words:

Way beyond all journeying,

Truth behind all mystery,

Life within all living:

We praise you.


Salve for every soreness,

mender of every brokenness,

midwife of a better future:

We praise you.


Ground of all being,

judge of the nations,

conscience of the universe,

We praise you.


Maker, Redeemer,

confessor, companion,

befriender, inspirer,

God beyond all names,

We praise you.


These opening prayers acknowledge our belief in the goodness, love and joy that the Holy One offers to the world. These prayers reveal the response for Christians, which is praise. These prayers are perhaps insignificant or irrelevant to those who do not wish to walk in faith; I do not share them to demand a response, nor a following. I share to let others know how these prayers help to form each and every action of service and humility that followers of Jesus attempt to make.


This week in worship, themes of joy and love pervade. Scripture reflects the fulfilment of God’s love in the world, providing new life to all creation, and wholeness to all humanity.


In the life of the world this week, there seems to be anything but new life and wholeness for both humanity and creation. Volcanoes have destroyed lives and caused much grief in New Zealand. Continued conflict and unrest occur in Hong Kong. The leader of a country bullies a young climate change activist. So many are killed or abused in violent acts. So many die from the effects of poverty or mental health challenges.


Sometimes I wonder how long will prayer and the recitation of Scripture be offered, proclaiming joy and love into a world of brokenness and chaos. The disagreements of individuals, the greed, oppression and selfishness of humanity seems to break every story of hope love and joy that there is to offer.


Even amid the incompleteness of this world, and of our lives, I believe we must continue to move forward. For me, this involves revealing the light, love and hope of the Holy One where I see it in everything around me.


This is why I continue to pray, to light candles, to serve within the world, and to give thanks for those places and times where love, hope, joy and justice blossom.




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