Weekly Word

Weekly Word

It is the third Sunday of Advent. For many of us, the journey from September to today has been a blur of busyness and chaos amid the hope of time to rest, productivity and vision for a better future and more full reality of God’s love and grace in our lives, and the contentment of the blessings of life and love that presently abounds.


Into all this, we have been launched into the new year of the liturgical life of the church, with candles lit, prayers offered, and a call to walk through a wilderness with prophets and virgins as we await the celebration of the incarnation.

This seeming chaotic reality reminds me of August 2014, when I journeyed with youth and leaders to Kamloops for the Canadian Lutheran Anglican Youth Gathering. There, in my role as a parish youth leader, and as a national youth leader responsible to enable Ministry Projects, I found myself moving at high speed, trying to be everything and all things for all people.


During this time, we found opportunity to journey to an arid, almost desert section of the Okanagan region, and I was amazed at what I found.


In the midst of the desert I was expecting little life, and little beauty. The reality I encountered was a beautiful expression of God’s creation, combined with the creative care and nurture of the local indigenous community. It seemed in that day there, all time stood still to marvel at the glory God had gifted the world in the flora and fauna.


Here in this place, I move once again at high speed, enabling ministry and life to occur through my responsibilities and tasks. Very easily I could be tempted to keep my head down and ignore the presence of God in creation and the blessing of life that is all around.


As we move through Advent to Incarnation, let us be present to the beauty blooming all around us, in holy friendships, in growing vocations, in expressions of generosity and love, in the possibilities blooming in a perceived ‘desert’ of life. In these arid expressions, God creeps in around us, and blooms in our hearts; God grows in the heart and soul of the community.







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