Weekly Word

Weekly Word

This week in the life of Christian Faith communities, many observe the Reign of Christ in which we celebrate our belief of the redeeming of the world by the acts of Jesus, Nazarene Carpenter, first century Rabbi, and God in human form.

In our faith communities also, we mark the ending of our liturgical, or worship year, and prepare for the beginning of a new season of the church – Advent, which celebrates the preparation for the coming of Jesus, and the announcement of that reality by prophets and sages.

At this time in this society and culture, there are changes occurring.  As the leaves are shed from the trees, and the earth gets colder and more stark, families and communities, businesses and the entire culture is shifting to a place of busyness and preparation for December days and customs. It is a time for us to take stock of a year passed, and consider what might come and might be a goal for the future. In this, many consider how healing, peace, acts of kindness, and care for creation can be apart of new steps to an unfolding season and year.

For me, I take time in prayer and reflection to consider how the Holy One loves the world, and wishes for all the world – creation, all living things, including humanity to have piece, healing, love, and to be made whole. For me, the culmination of the Reign of Christ is realising that for me, in Jesus, all things are made new, and have their completion. As the people of the Holy One live their lives reflecting the love and service of Jesus, we are called to use our gifts, our influence, our skills and talents to continue to work to make the world whole.

The actions of humanity reflecting the desire of the Holy One enables our world to better reflect that which is intended. War, disease, terror, abuse of creation, and abuse of humanity are not intended outcomes in any context. I believe that in and through the hard work of individuals, friends, families, and communities, the world in which we share becomes more as it should be. There are so many ways for us to realize this: Through ethical climate action, through care of neighbour and stranger, refugee and friend, through standing up and responding to injustice of all kinds and dimensions, and through a respectful and humble journeying with others – being with them, even if different, if there is fear, or unknowing.

For me, in the context of the faith community in which I serve, it is assisting with providing the resources needed for families to celebrate with dignity and love in the upcoming weeks. In our faith community, we donate food, presents, and financial resources each year, so that between 25 – 30 vulnerable families can celebrate Christmas through the Christmas Hamper Project. This year, as we administer this project once again, we find the financial resources to make this possible are getting smaller and smaller. As more families are vulnerable, and as costs for food and Christmas presents for the children increase, I ask you consider making online or cash donations to support this endeavour.

It is one way that individuals and communities can provide help for vulnerable persons, one way in which people can work for the care and dignity of humanity in our context. It is not the only way, but it is one concrete way to bring about the change that I believe the Holy One intends.




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