Ascension News for October 11, 2017



Thanksgiving Day as a specific calendar day is over.  However, every day is a day of Thanksgiving - not one day goes by when God is not blessing us.  So let's thank God always for all His Blessings.

*  Last evening's Jiggs Dinner was superb, both the food and the fellowship! Special thanks to all who made the Dinner possible: the organizers, the cooks, the servers, the dishwashers, the ticket seller, etc.  We are indeed blessed with many volunteers.  Special thanks as well to Lesters' Farm for supplying all the vegetables, which enables it to be a great fundraiser.

*  Please check the Parish's facebook page for information regarding the Symposium on Mental Wellbeing taking place at the Salvation Army Citadel on 27-28 of October (if you are not on facebook, you can view the Parish's facebook site via our church's website).  There was also a leaflet in last Sunday's Chimes.  To register, please call the Salvation Army Citadel 579-5235; if after hours, just leave a message for Allison.

 Godly Play has resumed but there is always room for more.  By the way, the leaders are looking for donations of white dresses that would be suitable for angel costumes for the Christmas Pageant.  You can drop them off at church, or if you have questions about it, please call Doreen at 364-1454.

*  Important notice from vestry:  Did you know that your donations in your Building Fund Envelopes go into a Repair & Maintenance Fund?  This year to date $4386 has been given this way and $2859 has been spent, leaving $1527 in the fund.  Unfortunately, the doors at the east side entrance have deteriorated to the point where it is pertinent that they be replaced.  The estimated cost for this is almost $5000.  Would the parishioners who are not doing so, please consider using your Building Fund Envelopes to help with this necessary expense?  Special thanks in advance for your support in this matter.  

* The Men's Service Club will be having a potluck social on Monday, October 16, at 6 o'clock.  All partners/spouses of the members are invited of course, but, as well, anyone is welcome.  All you need to do is bring along one of your favourite dishes to share.  Hope to see you there!

*  Bible Study has resumed at the usual times:  Wednesday morning after Holy Communion, and Tuesday evenings at 7.  There is always room for extra chairs!!  Come and enjoy the learning, the fellowship, and a cup of tea!

*  Have you picked up your weekly groceries yet this week!  If you are able, maybe you'd like to add a couple of items for the food bank.  This week they are hoping for toilet tissue, tinned milk and tinned tomatoes.  A monetary donation to the food hamper fund would also be much appreciated.

*  The 'Racing with the Reverend Autism Go-Kart Fundraiser' team thanks all those who supported them.  To date $1470 has been raised by your support.  

* Many of you are family caregivers, and naturally would appreciate all the support possible.  The Mount Pearl Seniors Independence group is holding its "caregivers education and support program"on Tuesday, October 17, at Park Place Community Centre starting at 1:30 p.m.  There will be a guest speaker from Eastern Health speaking on 'facing the challenges of being a family caregiver.'  If you are caring for a loved one at home and would like to attend, please call 748-6485 to register. 

* Captains, please remind your teams:  Sidespersons' Team # 2, and Counting Team # 6.

*  The following is a notice that was sent by the Rector at the Cathedral.
    Archdeaconry Youth - Hallowe'en in the Crypt:  Have a spooky time with us in the Cathedral Crypt on Saturday, October 28, from 5 to 8 p.m.  There will be food, pumpkin carving, and other Hallowe'en activities.  Wear a costume to help keep the ghosts away - except the one who lives here!  All teens are invited, as well as younger children who should be accompanied by a parent/guardian.  Please call 726-5677, or email if you plan to be present at the Anglican Cathedral at 16 Church Hill for the event.
*  Two very important dates for you to note:  
 On November 1Wednesday, there will be a special service to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the construction of the Church of the Ascension on Smallwood Drive.  Holy Eucharist will be at 7 p.m. with Dean Bellamy as our guest preacher.   Several invited guests will be present to celebrate this very special occasion.  
The following evening, November 2, there will be the annual All Souls' Service at 7 p.m.- a special service to help us remember, reflect on, and thank God for all those loved ones who have passed on but have touched us by their love and faith-filled lives, and continue to inspire us on our journey. Dean Bellamy will be our guest preacher for that evening as well. Following this service will be a fellowship hour hosted by the Parish Network Visitors.

*  Don't forget the card party on Tuesday, October 17, at 7:30 the church auditorium.  Just arrive with $5 for admission, your cards and goody baskets, and a bit of extra cash for those grab bags, and you set for a fun evening.
(Thanks so much to all who came to decorate the church for Thanksgiving *:) happy !)

God Bless you all,
Jean (On behalf of Ascension)



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