Rectors Message

A Prayer for Trinity Sunday


In the mystery

of the beginning of things,

Creator God,

you made this planet,

rock upon layer of rock,

to be weathered and planted,

to become a place for living.


In the mystery

of human life,

Parent God,

You made us,

flesh and blood and spirit and bone,

image of yourself,

woman, man, and child,

for loving.


In the mystery

of your unconditional love,

Redeemer God,

you came in Jesus,

flesh of our flesh, bone of our bone,

to buy us back from our captivity,

back to our true belonging, together,

daughters and sons of heaven,

living and loving

here on Earth.


So here, in this sacred place,

place of celebration,

of struggle, and of safety,

we rest,

content or cautious,

to know your presence,

hear your Word,

sense your Spirit,

welcoming us, and waiting,

once again.


And if, in the quiet,

there come to mind

the broken or the wounded bits

of our lives,

and of our world,

help us to name some of them now;

and as you have shared

our deepest sufferings,

so may the glue of your transforming grace

be for us,

and for our world,

a mending once again.


And if, in this place,

and at this table,

it will come to pass once again,

or perhaps for the very first time,

that your Spirit will touch ours –

then in your mercy

turn us to face you,

on ourselves, our world, our neighbour,

and send us out from here,

your companions on the way.


We pray in Jesus’ name.


John Harvey







I am



Male      Man         Friend              Son                   Husband      Father

Cousin  Priest       Dog owner      Neighbour       Jerk              Stranger

Human  Grumpy   Loveable


Various people, depending upon our association with others, know us in various ways. Today we celebrate how we know God. God is Trinity; Three persons one God.


Rev.’d Sheppard and I brainstormed some names in which we pray to and recognize God as Trinity. I invite you in your prayers and reflections this week, to explore the different ways in which we name God. How we perceive God tells us how we consider our relations with God.  May we be open to God’s love and presence in our lives.


God Bless,




Father                                 Son                               Holy Spirit

Creator                               Redeemer                    Sanctifier

Almighty                             Messiah                        Advocate

Abba                                    Logos                            Sophia






Weekly Word



You give us love;

You sustain us when sometimes it feels like the whole world is caving in around us.

You have created all; you create in us the potential for joy.


We journey in your way;

We hear of your deeds; we try to emulate them.

We receive your forgiveness as you offer us your redemption.


You are our defense;

We know your presence through the interaction of others.

You give us grace and invite us into a pattern of holiness.


Holy Trinity

We thank you this day






Weekly Word


This week we celebrate with thanksgiving the mystery of the Holy Trinity. We celebrate in song and prayer our understanding of God as Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The mystery of the Holy Trinity has been explored in the life of the church since the third century after Jesus’ birth. We try to explain and qualify our understandings, yet as humans, we always fall short of the breadth of the expression of God. For me the most profound ways of meditating and exploring the nature of God come in prayer, in song, and in Scripture. I invite you to consider Psalm 8, sing hymns 1 and 445 from Common Praise, and pray while in the midst of the beauty of creation. Perhaps these ways are not the best ways for you to explore the mystery of the Trinity. They are a way. May we forever offer thanks and praise to God this day, as we join in the ministry to which we are called.


God Bless,




Weekly Word

Today we celebrate the feast of the Holy Trinity. We ponder the mystery of God: One in three - three in one. We are reminded once again of God who is our Creator, Redeemer, and Sanctifier; God who comes to us in the forms of Almighty Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit the Advocate.

We are reminded that even in these explanations; God is not contained in our words and images. God breaks all moulds. God is beyond all that we can ask, imagine, or quantify. God is ‘Greater than which no greater thing can be thought.’ (St. Anselm)

As we marvel in the beauty and love that is present in creation, in community, and in each interaction we have with others, let us remember that God is beyond all face and form. This God, loves us deeply.

God Bless,




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